“It’s A Girl” those were the famous words that sent us into a shopping frenzy. I knew I wanted her to have the girlest of girl rooms. The nursery was decorated to the tee, I imagined before she was born, gazing upon her while she slept in her crib with an ever so softly lit pink ambiance lighting her angel soft skin. So sweet.

We brought her home thinking that we would just let her sleep with us for a few nights, maybe even a week or two. Three months later our little one is still snuggled in between us in our queen size bed, which feels more like a twin size these days.  I have tried a few times placing her ever so gently into her crib, just when I lift her over the railing to lay her down….. her eyes open wide and the crying begins. I stand there for a moment consoling her, she seems to drift back off, I shut the door, turn on the monitor (another thing we don’t use, but spent a lot of money on, one of those camera monitors), she starts to cry again. I can’t stand to see or hear her crying so I rush in and pick her up. Those big blue watery eyes get me everytime.

Needless to say I don’t even attempt to put her in the crib to sleep anymore. We have grown accustomed to her sleeping with us at night. I love the way she seems to move her way over to one of us in the middle of the night, as if she wants to cuddle. It is one of the best feelings in the world! 

Anyway today I have found away to use the crib……as a prop in some photos!  She actually liked the crib while she was awake and she even took interest in the mobile. Maybe we will try getting her use to it while she is awake and she won’t mind sleeping in it, I won’t get my hopes up though.  I will prob be awake all night the first night that she actually sleeps in her crib or maybe sleeping on the floor next to it. 🙂  


My new Hobby

So I have been thinking for a while what I could do for a hobby that I would actually enjoy doing. Growing up with a creative mom, we were always making things in our house, whether it was Christmas ornaments, home-made bread, or thinking of different ways we could paint our bedrooms. I needed away to get those creative juices running.

 I was looking around online wanting to buy a personalized charm necklace and of course they were pretty expensive. With a new baby and traveling cross country this Christmas I knew that we wouldn’t be able to afford a necklace at this time.  A lightbulb moment happened…I can make one myself!!!! Off to surfing the web and craft stores we went. I must say it is a lot harder than it looked, but after some practice I think I might just get this down. So here are some pictures of our tools (yes ours…..I got Eddie excited about this as well) and my very first necklace I made. Hope you enjoy!


These are the alphabet stamps that are used to stamp metal and wood.

Just playing around the stamps…….LOVE 🙂  may have to enlarge to see it better

Heart and Star design stamp, more on the way!!

Box of goodies.

The finished product!! This is the first hand stamped necklace I have made with a freshwater pearl attached. I love it. Many more will be made 🙂








Yay for first post!!

Woo hoo! Here it is my first official post! This was a very long process I must say. It took and hour or so just to pick out a name and I’m still not sure if I like it that much. O well, its good for now I guess 🙂  I wanted a name that didn’t define my blog to one aspect of my life, I seem to drift to different subjects from time to time, maybe its ADD.  Well mommy duty is calling, maybe second post will be more riveting 🙂