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Backyard photos

So it is pretty late here now, I wanted to write today but doesn’t look like that is going to happen. I also got behind on taking photos everyday. We have been busy cleaning the house and getting things somewhat ready for our trip to NC. We will be leaving out on Thursday early in the morning and we should be getting there Sunday evening hopefully. I’m going to try and post when we are there, but not sure, I know that we will be busy seeing family and friends, also we will not have internet there not unless we go to wifi hot spots. So I may just upload some photos or take a break from blogging (I know I haven’t been blogging that long to say it’s a break 🙂 ) not sure yet. Here are some photos that I took outside today, I love the feel and look of the country so this is kinda the theme that I was going for in the photos. Hope you enjoy them.


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Day 6….365

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Our other Babies :)

So I thought I would introduce our other children to the people who don’t know them yet. Billie Jean is my chihuahua and I consider her my first-born :), she is 7 years old and the sweetest chihuahua that you will ever meet. She is very well socialized with people and isn’t really considered to be one of the biting, yippy, yappy Chihuahuas. Although she is a dog she has been there with me through a lot of pain, joy and heartbreak. Whenever I thought I wouldn’t make it through another day she was there. Some people don’t understand the love that an animal can give a person, it is hard to explain to someone, it is one of those things that you just have to experience for yourself.


Billie Jeans favorite things to do; sleep, sun bathe, twirl around, eat cheese, play with Lilly’s stuffed animals and sleep next to Lilly at night because she is so warm.

Charlie is the other member of our family and the star if you will. He is a border collie mix I believe he is 2 or 3yrs old have to check with Eddie. Eddie met Charlie when he was a puppy in Iraq, they become close buddies over there. Eddie was on a mission to bring Charlie home with him, he went through a lot to bring him back. With the help of Terri Crisp a SPCA worker, Eddie was able to bring Charlie home to the US. Charlie and Eddie have also made it possible for other soldiers to bring their animal companions home with them. I can’t imagine being over there and what they went through. I’m just glad that Charlie was there to cheer up Eddie and the other troops during a time of war.  Now Charlie is taking agility classes to get his extra energy out and he loves being a big brother.  Stop by and read Charlie’s Tale http://www.spcai.org/baghdad-pups.html

Charlies favorite things to do are;  play, bark, run, sleep on the bed in front of the fan on hot days, eat, go on walks (which we haven’t been doing that much lately 😦 ), eat stuffed animals, and giving Lilly kisses


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Day 4…..365

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Rainy Day

We were planning on going to the park today so I could get some pictures of Lilly outside, but we had to cancel those plans because of the rain. I don’t guess I should complain about it since it hardly ever rains in Arizona, I was just looking forward to it. The weather has been perfect out here it has been in the 60’s most days.  I’m just so glad that it is no longer in the 100’s, that was horrible. So instead of getting out, Lilly and I stayed in and played around. I got a few shots that I think turned out pretty good.

 Eddie will be getting home tonight woo hoo, for those of you who don’t know, he is the national guard for San Diego. Once a month he is gone for a weekend, so just Lilly, me and the dogs. I try to stay busy and get out of the house so the time passes by quicker. We were actually supposed to go with him this weekend, because his unit was having a Family picnik, but we opted to stay at home. It would have been to much, we would have had to get a room and then it would be just me at the room all day with the dogs and Lilly. So I’m kinda glad that we stayed behind, just a little sad we didn’t get to meet the other families, and the people in his unit didn’t get to meet Lilly.

Anywho here are the photos  🙂


Day 3 of 365

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DAY 2……365 days

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Play Time!!

So Lilly is at that age where she doesn’t really play with the toys that we have for her. She will stare at them, but since she is still learning how to grasp things with her hands she doesn’t really play back. Don’t get me wrong I love how she smiles and giggles when I act like a goofball while playing with her toys, I’m just ready for her to start enjoying them (plus I want to get more toys for her, maybe so I can play with them as well 🙂 ). I guess I shouldn’t wish that she was bigger, I know when that day comes I will be wishing she was still my little girl.

So play time with a 3 month old mainly consist of funny faces, singing, and reading. She loves the sound of our voices and when we make silly noises. Her favorite thing right now is when Eddie blows in her face or in her hair, she thinks that is the most hilarious thing in the world. Watching TV is her second most favorite, it is funny how she watches so intently, like she knows the story line behind whatever show we watch. Here are some pictures of her three fav books that she likes for us to read her or at least I think they are her favs 🙂


This is her Fav because of the finger puppets she gets so intrigued with it.

This one is just a cute LiL book that Eddie and I enjoy reading to her.

This is the first book that we purchased for her, we actually got it for her when I first moved out to AZ, I was about 3 months pregnant.


So I’m going to start doing the 365 days of photos and posting them on my blog and prob my Flickr page. I love taking photos and this just gives me the extra incentive to get out there and take more :). The one that I’m posting today isn’t that spectacular, but I love it! I know that she doesn’t match and that is one of my pet peeves just ask Eddie. My sister Christy sent these out to me, they were her little girls. I think they are so adorable!

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